Pacific Crest Trail Books: Find Your Perfect Companion 

Pacific Crest Trail Books

Pacific Crest Trail books offer a unique perspective on the trail, allowing you to explore its history, learn about the challenges and rewards of thru-hiking, and connect with the stories of those who have walked its path.

Whether you’re an aspiring thru-hiker yourself or simply fascinated by the natural world, there’s a guidebook out there for you.

In this guide, we’ll explore some of the best PCT books, along with categories to help you find the perfect read, no matter your interests.

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Types of Pacific Crest Trail Books

1. Guidebooks and Resources

Guidebooks are essential companions for those planning a PCT adventure. They provide detailed trail descriptions, maps, and valuable tips for both thru-hikers and section-hikers.

Some of the best literature PCT guidebooks include:

Whistler’s Way: A Thru-Hiker’s Adventure On The Pacific Crest Trail by William Monk

In “Whistler’s Way: A Thru-Hiker’s Adventure On The Pacific Crest Trail,” author William Monk, at an intrepid 60 years old, tackles the 2,653-mile Pacific Crest Trail from the Mexican border to British Columbia.

This grueling journey, spanning five months, takes him from sea level to a staggering 13,153 feet, testing his physical and mental limits. The book dives deep into the breathtaking views, heart-stopping dangers, and relentless adventures encountered on this life-changing trek.

Through Monk’s vivid descriptions, readers are invited to experience the highs and lows of thru-hiking alongside him, making this book a captivating read for anyone interested in the challenges and rewards of long-distance hiking, as well as those seeking an inspiring tale of personal courage and resilience.

Moon Drive & Hike Pacific Crest Trail: The Best Trail Towns, Day Hikes, and Road Trips In Between by Caroline Hinchliff

Moon Drive & Hike Pacific Crest Trail, authored by Caroline Hinchliff, is a guidebook targeting both seasoned adventurers and first-time explorers wishing to experience the Pacific Crest Trail.

It provides comprehensive information on day hikes, scenic drives, charming trail towns, and breathtaking road trips along the trail’s 2,650 miles through California, Oregon, and Washington.

Whether seeking a weekend getaway or planning a longer adventure, this book equips readers with all the necessary details to plan and execute an unforgettable journey on the iconic PCT.

Food & Survival Plants Along The Pacific Crest Trail Handbook 1 by Ray S. Vizgirdas

The book is the first in a series of six handbooks designed for hikers on the Pacific Crest Trail.

This specific volume focuses on the first 110 miles of the trail, from the Mexican border to Warner Springs.

It details over 200 species of edible, useful, and medicinal plants found in this section, providing information on identification, preparation, and potential uses.

It aims to help through-hikers and section-hikers of the PCT who are interested in supplementing their diet with wild plants or learning about their potential survival uses.

Yogi’s PCT Handbook Planning Guide 2015-2016 by Jackie McDonnell

Yogi’s PCT Handbook Planning Guide 2015-2016 is a comprehensive resource for aspiring Pacific Crest Trail thru-hikers.

Written in a conversational, “trail talk” style, the book addresses every facet of planning and executing a successful PCT thru-hike.

From gear selection and resupply strategies to navigating weather and dealing with potential hazards, Yogi provides a wealth of practical information and insightful tips gathered from her own experiences and those of fellow hikers.

The book is for anyone considering a PCT thru-hike, regardless of prior experience level. Whether you’re a seasoned backpacker or a complete beginner, Yogi’s guide offers valuable guidance and inspiration for planning your adventure and tackling the challenges of the trail.

Pacific Crest Trail Data Book: Mileages, Landmarks, Facilities, Resupply Data by Benedict “Gentle Ben” Go

The Pacific Crest Trail Data Book, authored by Benedict “Gentle Ben” Go, provides a comprehensive overview of the entire Pacific Crest Trail (PCT), covering its 2,660 miles from Mexico to Canada.

It aims to inform and guide potential thru-hikers by offering detailed information on mileages, landmarks, facilities, and essential resupply points.

This pocket-sized resource caters primarily to individuals planning to hike the entire PCT, offering crucial data to help them prepare and navigate the challenging journey.

2. Memoirs and Narratives

Personal accounts of thru-hikes on the PCT have captivated readers worldwide, offering armchair travelers and aspiring adventurers a glimpse into a world of stunning landscapes, personal challenges, and profound self-discovery.

The following memoirs and narratives offer a fascinating and inspiring window into the world of long-distance hiking on the Pacific Crest Trail.

Each story is unique, providing diverse perspectives on the challenges, triumphs, and transformative experiences that await those who embark on this epic journey.

Long Distance Hiking A Memoir Of An Englishman Across 2,640 Miles On The Pacific Crest Trail by Schoppert

In this humorous and honest account, Suk Schoppert recounts his six-month trek from Mexico to Canada, sharing his triumphs and tribulations as he conquers the arid deserts of California, the towering peaks of Oregon, and the lush forests of Washington. 

This book is perfect for readers seeking a relatable and realistic portrayal of the long-distance hiking experience.

Journeys North: The Pacific Crest Trail by Barney Scout Mann

This travel memoir by a legendary trail angel and thru-hiker tells the story of six hikers as they walk from Mexico to Canada along the Pacific Crest Trail in 2007. 

The book chronicles their journey through breathtaking scenery and challenges them with a once-in-a-generation drought and severe winter storms.

It is a moving portrait of a long journey and suitable for readers interested in travel memoirs, long-distance hiking, and personal adventure narratives.

Time in the Year of the Bluebird by William R. Phillips

Walking the Pacific Crest Trail in honor of his ailing mother, William R. Phillips IV crafts a moving tribute that transcends a mere travelogue.

This book delves into the inner journey of grief and healing, offering a profound reflection on nature, family, and the paths we forge in life.

Americana (And The Act Of Getting Over It) by Luke Healy

Combining travelogue, memoir, and graphic novel artistry, Luke Healy’s unique work offers a deeply personal account of his 147-day journey on the Pacific Crest Trail.

This book explores themes of self-discovery, cultural exploration, and the transformative power of nature, captivating readers with its evocative illustrations and introspective narrative.

Tamed: A City Girl Walks from Mexico to Canada on the Pacific Crest Trail by Anne Elizabeth O’Regan

Embarking on a solo thru-hike, Anne Elizabeth O’Regan’s memoir delves into the emotional and physical challenges of navigating the wilderness.

This book is a testament to the transformative power of facing fears and embracing the uncertainties of the journey, offering an intimate portrayal of self-discovery and resilience.

Halfway Home: The Story of a Father and Son Hiking the Pacific Crest Trail by Donald L. “Family Man” Reavis, Quentin T. “Stagecoach” Reavis

This heartwarming memoir chronicles the remarkable journey of a father and son as they share the challenges and triumphs of hiking the Pacific Crest Trail.

It’s a story of strengthening family bonds, facing adversity together, and experiencing the transformative power of nature as a team.

Skywalker: Highs and Lows on the Pacific Crest Trail by Bill Walker

Bill Walker’s captivating narrative captures the essence of the Pacific Crest Trail, from the unforgiving deserts to the majestic mountain ranges.

This book offers a compelling glimpse into the lives of fellow hikers and the unique community that forms along the trail, providing a well-rounded perspective on the physical and social aspects of the journey.

3. Historical Accounts

For those seeking a deeper understanding of the PCT’s past, these historical accounts offer valuable insights into its origins and development.

The Pacific Crest Trail: A Walk on the Wild Side c. 1977 by Steve Hughes

This book delves into the experiences of hikers on the Pacific Crest Trail in 1977, providing detailed information about the terrain, weather, and the challenges they faced.

It offers valuable insights into the trail’s character and the adventures awaiting those who embark on it.

The Pacific Crest Trail: Escape to the Wilderness by Ann Sutton, Myron Sutton

“Ann and Myron Sutton’s book recounts their thru-hike of the Pacific Crest Trail in 1977. They offer a detailed account of the challenges and experiences they encountered while traversing the wilderness and dealing with the elements. 

It provides a valuable perspective on the trail’s history and the experiences of early thru-hikers.

Journey: Being An Historical Adventure Through The Lands of the Pacific Crest Trail-North From The California/Baja Border Onto the Oregon Frontier by Eileen Buryn, USFS

This book takes readers on a historical adventure through the lands of the Pacific Crest Trail, showcasing the California landscape along the 1,660-mile trail.

Buryn provides detailed descriptions of 27 points of interest, including the history and geography of each location, offering a unique perspective on the trail’s cultural and natural heritage.

4. Fiction and Poetry

For those yearning to experience the magic of the Pacific Crest Trail without leaving the comfort of your chair, dive into these captivating fictional and poetic works.

Prepare to embark on a journey of self-discovery, immerse yourself in stunning landscapes, and connect with the unique community of long-distance hikers.

Oregon Uncaged A Tale of Two-Sips on the Pacific Crest Trail by Crystal Hidde

Crystal Hidde’s honest memoir takes you on her solo thru-hike of the Pacific Crest Trail, offering a true depiction of the mental and physical challenges, triumphs, and detailed descriptions of the Oregon section.

It’s a compelling story that provides insights into personal growth, the demanding nature of long-distance hiking, and the unique experiences of solo trekking.

Islands of Solitude: Hiking the Pacific Crest Trail by Jim Manning

Jim Manning’s memoir documents his inspiring journey hiking the Pacific Crest Trail at the age of 62.

With almost no prior hiking experience, his story is a testament to the transformative power of the trail and the human spirit’s resilience.

This book is perfect for anyone interested in personal adventure narratives, long-distance hiking, and the Pacific Crest Trail.

Adventure and The Pacific Crest Trail by Jillian Alexander, Arthur McMahon

Jillian Alexander and Arthur McMahon’s memoir offers a day-by-day account of their experiences on the Pacific Crest Trail. 

They share the highs and lows of the journey, the people they meet, and the stunning natural beauty they encounter. 

This book is ideal for readers interested in personal adventure narratives, long-distance hiking, and the Pacific Crest Trail.

A Temporary Change of Address: Cloud Rider’s Pacific Crest Trail Thru-Hike by Tim Potter

Tim Potter’s daily record of his Pacific Crest Trail thru-hike provides a compelling and honest account of his journey.

He shares the challenges he faced, the people he met, and the breathtaking natural beauty he encountered.

This book is a must-read for those interested in immersive and reflective storytelling, as well as personal adventure narratives and long-distance hiking.

Choosing the Right Book

Choosing the best books about hiking the pct can be a delightful but daunting task. Consider your hiking experience, reading style, and specific interests within the PCT world.

  • For beginners, “The Pacific Crest Trail: A Hiker’s Companion” is an excellent starting point, providing practical advice and inspiring stories.
  • Experienced hikers might appreciate more in-depth narratives such as “Thru-Hiking Will Break Your Heart,” which offers a raw and honest portrayal of the trail’s physical and emotional demands.
  • If you’re an armchair traveler seeking a vicarious experience, memoirs like “Wild” or “A Walk in the Woods” by Bill Bryson transport you into the heart of the PCT through vivid storytelling.
  • History buffs can dive into accounts like “The Pacific Crest Trail: Exploring America’s Wilderness Trail” to uncover the trail’s fascinating past.

The right book is a personal choice that resonates with your interests and aspirations. Explore the different genres and narratives, and let the PCT books guide you on a literary journey that sparks your imagination.

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Pacific Crest Trail books offer a gateway to a world of adventure, inspiration, and self-discovery. Whether you’re planning a thru-hike, seeking armchair travel, or simply curious about the history and natural beauty of the Pacific Coast, these literary treasures have something for everyone.

By immersing yourself in the pages of PCT books, you can connect with the trail’s spirit, learn from experienced hikers, and gain a deeper appreciation for the wonders that await along the Pacific Crest Trail.

Sources: The Pacific Crest Trail Association 

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