Female Hikers Recommend Women’s Hiking Clothing to Fit Your Body Type

Female Hikers Recommend Women’s Hiking Clothing to Fit Your Body Type

Recently, there has been significant online discussion about the inadequacy of women’s hiking clothing and gear. This article explores how, historically, there has been a lack of gear designed to fit women’s bodies. In recent years, the outdoor industry has attempted to address this issue with varying degrees of success.

Some hiking gear is simply men’s gear adapted using the “shrink it and pink it” philosophy, while some products are genuinely designed with women’s bodies in mind. Despite these efforts, many women still find it challenging to locate hiking clothing and gear that fits their specific body type or adventure style.

Women of all shapes and sizes, including curvy, petite, tall, slim, and plus-size, enjoy outdoor activities and should have access to suitable hiking clothing. We’ll highlight the best women’s hiking clothing and why it works for particular body types.

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Jackets and Tops

Best Women’s Rain Jacket for Straight Figures: The North Face Resolve Jacket

Finding functional jackets that fit well can be challenging, especially when gear companies over-cinch the waistline to make women’s clothing more “flattering.” The North Face Resolve Jacket stands out as one that fits comfortably, packs well, and keeps the rain off. The interior mesh lining enhances breathability, and the high neckline protects against harsh weather. This durable jacket is suitable for a range of activities, from city strolls to mountain treks.

Best Women’s Rain Jacket for Slim Builds: Berghaus Paclite Jacket

The Berghaus Paclite Jacket is perfect for hiking trips. Its lightweight nature makes it easy to pack for uncertain weather, a common scenario in the UK. Designed for slim builds, this pink jacket is both functional and stylish. It has been useful in various hiking trips across the Peak District and Wales, as well as urban adventures like a recent trip to Berlin.

Best Rain Jacket for Curvy Women: Helly Hansen Kirkwall Rain Coat

The Helly Hansen Kirkwall Rain Coat, available in a bright yellow, suits any body type and looks great even on curvy figures. It is perfect for hiking in cold and rainy places like Ireland and Scotland. The coat is waterproof and, when paired with rubber boots, keeps one dry even during heavy rains. However, it can get quite hot when climbing hills or tall mountains.

Best Women’s Puffy Jacket for Long Torsos: Patagonia Nano Puff Hoody

The Patagonia Nano Puff Hoody is a versatile piece of outdoor clothing that is lightweight, packable, windproof, water-resistant, and warm. It serves multiple purposes, from a “summit shell” on day hikes to a mid-layer when downhill skiing. Its design accommodates extra layers while ensuring coverage for long torsos.

Best Midlayer for Curvy Women: SCOTTeVest Chloe Glow Hoodie

The SCOTTeVest Chloe Glow Hoodie is ideal for day hiking and travel, offering a seamless transition between the airport and hiking trails. Its 15 pockets can hold essentials like phones, passports, and snacks. The hoodie is tapered to fit women well but is best suited for cooler weather.

Best Women’s Vest for Petite Hikers: ExOfficio Flyq Lite Vest

The ExOfficio Flyq Lite Vest is versatile and ideal for big adventurous trips like treks to Machu Picchu, safaris in Botswana, and hikes through the Grand Canyon. Its 11 pockets reduce the need for constant pack access, making it an indispensable piece of gear.


Best Hiking Shorts for Curvy Women: Black Diamond Valley Shorts

The Black Diamond Valley Shorts meet the needs of curvy women with their lightweight, stretchy, and breathable material. They have a built-in waist adjustment strap to eliminate gaps and come in a longer length for better coverage.

Best Hiking Capris for Petite Women: Columbia Silver Ridge Stretch Capris

The Columbia Silver Ridge Stretch Capris are lightweight, water-repellent, and barely wrinkle. Available in multiple colors, these capris fit petite women perfectly and are a constant in warm weather outfits.


Women of all body types deserve hiking clothing that fits well and functions effectively. Share your favorite women’s hiking clothing and how it works for your body type in the comments below!

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