Comprehensive Coleman Montana 8 Person Tent Review

Comprehensive Coleman Montana 8 Person Tent Review

Whether you are a camper or hiker looking for a spacious and affordable tent for family camping trips, or you are just interested in learning more about Coleman tents and the Montana 8-person model in particular, then you’re in the right place.

Hey there, fellow campers! I’m Jaden, as a seasoned camper, I have the Coleman Montana 8 Person Tent, and I have been using it for a few camping trips now.

I find it impressive in terms of its capacity and weather resistance but have some reservations about its components.

In this comprehensive review, I’m eager to share insights into the features, performance, and overall value that the Montana 8 person tent brings to the table. So, Let’s start!

Coleman Montana 8 Person Tent features

  • Floor area: 10.4 Square Meters
  • Maximum Height: ‎74 Inches
  • Weight: 22.3 pounds
  • Material: Taffeta
  • Weather resistance: WeatherTec treated
  • Price: $150.39

Advantages of coleman 8 person montana Tent


The Coleman Montana 8-Person Tent is incredibly roomy. It comfortably fits eight people or even more if you don’t mind being somewhat crammed. It has ample space for three queen airbeds, ideal for groups or large families.

Also, I find the 74 inches maximum height provides a comfortable standing room, which is not commonly found in many camping tents.

Easy to set up

Setting up this tent is a breeze, and it offers several features that contribute to its ease of setup.

The color-coded poles are designed to match corresponding sleeves, making it straightforward to identify which pole goes where.

This intuitive system eliminates confusion and minimizes the chances of making mistakes during assembly.

Additionally, the Coleman Montana 8-Person Tent includes snag-free, continuous pole sleeves.

These sleeves not only make the setup process smoother but also prevent sn tangles that can slow down or frustrate campers.

The continuous design allows for quick and efficient pole insertion, reducing the overall setup time to approximately 15 minutes.

By incorporating these user-friendly features, the Coleman Montana 8-Person Tent streamlines the setup process, ensuring that users can spend less time struggling with tent assembly and more time enjoying their camping experience.


The Coleman Montana 8 Person Tent boasts exceptional weather protection, making it a reliable choice for camping adventures.

With the innovative WeatherTec system, which includes patented welded floors and inverted seams, the tent effectively keeps water out, ensuring a dry and comfortable interior, even in unexpected rain showers.

Personally, what I find impressive is the thoughtful addition of the extended door awning.

This feature serves as an extra layer of defense, creating a designated dry area for easy entry and convenient gear storage. It adds a practical touch to the overall design, enhancing the camping experience.

In my experience, this tent’s standout feature lies in its ability to provide a secure and dry shelter, making it an ideal companion for various weather conditions.

The WeatherTec system and the extended door awning showcase Coleman’s commitment to ensuring campers stay comfortable and protected during their outdoor escapades.

Drawbacks of coleman 8 person montana Tent

Poles are flimsy

Having used the Coleman Montana 8-Person Tent, I must address a notable concern regarding the poles. The tent’s fiberglass poles, while providing structure, may not be the most robust choice.

I share the sentiments of other users, like Gabriela Teixeira and StephanieS, who have reported instances of their poles breaking.

As of my experience, I haven’t encountered pole breakage personally, but it’s crucial to acknowledge the potential issue.

This echoes the concerns raised by fellow campers, emphasizing the importance of handling the tent with care to prevent any unexpected pole-related challenges in the future.

No dividers

Having experienced the Coleman Montana 8-Person Tent firsthand, it’s important to highlight a notable feature: the absence of dividers.

This means that the tent lacks partitions, forcing everyone to share a single large space.

In practical terms, this could lead to some awkward situations, especially if you camp with friends or family members who have different sleep schedules or preferences.

As echoed by users like Wioletta Iwan from the United Kingdom, the absence of dividers can be a significant drawback.

It’s essential to consider this aspect when planning your camping trip, as it may impact the overall comfort and privacy for campers inside the tent.

Material is thin

Also, I want to highlight a noteworthy aspect: the thinness of the tent’s taffeta material.

This feature is crucial to keep in mind, as the thin material is likely to be annoying, especially in windy conditions. It also raises concerns about the long-term durability of the tent.

It is essential to be aware of this feature, especially if you prioritize a quieter camping experience or anticipate difficult weather conditions.

Despite these drawbacks, it is worth noting that the tent received positive reviews for its design and resistance to weathering.

Users like Jill Meredith and Robin E Riffe have appreciated these aspects, and George highly recommends them based on their positive experiences, and I totally agree with them.

Overall Verdict

I recommend the Coleman Montana 8-Person Tent to campers prioritizing space and weather protection within an affordable range.

Its ample space, ease of setting up, and commendable weather protection system make it worth considering.

However, for those seeking a tent with resilient poles, option for partitioning, and a thicker material that can both endure and insulate noise, I’d advise you to delve deeper into the vast market of camping tents.

For instance, if durability is a high concern, tents made from canvas or those with aluminium poles might be more suitable.


For those who place importance on spaciousness and affordability, the Coleman Montana 8-Person Tent would be a good fit.

However, if durability and noise isolation are your key concerns, it might be wiser to consider tents from brands known for using more robust materials or to opt for a tent with dividers.

8 Person Tent Comparison Table

FactorEureka Copper Canyon LX8NEMO Wagontop 8Big Agnes Bunk House 8Coleman Montana 8
Size13′ x 10′, 7 feet height15′ x 8.3′, 6.5 feet height12.5′ x 8.25′, 6.75 feet height27′ x 8.5′, 8.5 feet height
Type of TentCabinCabinCabinCabin
Seasonality3 season3 season3 season3 season
Waterproofing and VentilationWithstood rain and windDeveloped a small leak in rainExcellent protection against the elementsDurable fabric, rainfly included
Ease of SetupComplicated setupSingle person setupExceptionally easy setupEasy setup in about 15 minutes
Durability and ConstructionHeavy, fiberglass polesHandled wind well, small leak in rainLimited space, tapered designDurable fabric, rainfly included
Additional Features6 windows, 2 doorsLarge interior space, 2 doorsGreat carrying case design1 hinged door, 3 angled windows
Brand ReputationWell-known brandWell-known brandWell-known brandWell-known brand
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